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Flu Jab 2020-21

Thursday, 8 October 2020

All vulnerable housebound patients will be receiving the vaccination in their homes via the District Nursing team or our Practice team.

All patients that do not usually receive a vaccination for medical reasons and are aged 50-64 years old will be contacted in November to offer an appointment to have the vaccination at the practice.  We have liaised with the local pharmacies so we can provide you with information on how to obtain a flu vaccination before November or if you are younger and would like to have the flu vaccination this year:

 Flu Vaccine Boots – Kings Road IT Lloyd Medicine Chest Harleys Chelsea Pharmacy Astells
Over 65’s Book appointment in store Will not be offering flu vaccines



Walk in Expected 21/09 Expected end of Sept Arrived – please contact pharmacy
Under 65’s in an at risk category Book appointment in store Walk in Walk in Expected end of Sept Expected 21/09
Cost of non NHS eligible £14 £15 £15 TBC £20

Eligible patients over the age of 18 can now book a flu vaccination at their local community pharmacy:

Book your flu vaccination online at any local pharmacy other than Boots via https://myvaccinations.co.uk

Book your vaccination at Boots online at https://www.boots.com/online/pharmacy-services/winter-flu-jab-services

Children aged between 2-3 years (on 31st August 2020) will be invited to attend the practice for a Nasal Flu Vaccination from Friday 18th September.  Parents will be receiving a letter detailing the process of booking the appointment and attending the appointment shortly.  For children aged 4-11 their school will be offering the flu vaccination.  If your school does not offer the flu vaccination or your child missed their vaccination then please contact the school vaccination delivery team on 0203 317 5076 to book an appointment.

Scarsdale Medical  team are working hard to ensure all eligible patients can have the flu vaccination either at the practice or at a local pharmacy.  Please keep checking our website for further updates.